Insert PDF as hyperlinks in CMS (Content Management System) blogs

It sure is fun to run your very own blog. You can write and post about random stuff that interest you or you can create your blog according to a category, for example, beauty and fashion blogs or techie and computer related blogs. The great thing about following blogs is you get an unedited version of the stuff they post, like if you are reading reviews about a certain movie you get the real and honest opinion of the blogger.

There are a lot of websites that can be the host for your blog. These sites have built in tools for your every blogging need. You can upload photos and videos, text files and links. But some bloggers prefer to upload files in PDF format; even photos can be saved in high resolution PDF files. These bloggers prefer PDF files because they are able to retain the original layout of the file, even when they are already uploaded. Another plus factor is that you can create PDF files of electronic forms that can be downloaded and filled up by your readers.

Among the blog types that prefer PDF files to be the content of the blog are CMS blogs, or when expanded, content management system blogs. You can upload PDF files on your CMS blogs and then be able to attach hyperlinks to it, so it redirects you to another page of the file or maybe another page in the blog itself. And you can do so by only following six easy steps. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to do this. Joomla and WordPress and many other blogging sites support cms blogging. If you have a cms blog in Joomla and want to know how to add PDF files on your CMS blog and then later add a link to that pdf file, follow these steps:

• In Media Manager, create a new directory for the PDF files.
o It is highly recommended that you upload the PDF files in the images folder of the Media Manager, since this will allow you to easily track the files and then be able to upload them at any given time.
• Upload the file that you would want to appear in your blog to the PDF directory that you have just created in Media Manager.
• Once the file has finished uploading, copy down the path that is going to be displayed in the prompt that will appear on your screen.
• Go now to the article where you want to add the linked PDF file into. Edit it and input the path that you have copied.
• Insert now that link in that article. You can do this by inserting first an Adobe icon so your readers can easily identify the file type. When you have done that, click on the PDF icon that you inserted and then you can now edit the link URL. Input the path of the PDF file that you want to insert at the Link URL field and then set it to open in another window and finally add a title to the link.