Export Multiple PDF Sketchbooks to iPads


An iPad or iPhone can be a tool used to connect with friends and family. You can also use it for business. Some students use it for studying. But it can also be a toy for the users. The Apple AppStore has a huge number of fun and useful applications that can be downloaded, majority of them are games. And one of the most downloaded type of application is a doodle app. In this application, you can use your iPad or iPhone as a virtual sketchbook and basically draw whatever it is that you want. You can mainly see this in owners of iPads, since the iPad is a lot bigger than an iPhone, you get a bigger virtual canvas to work on.

But most often than that, these applications saves the sketches or drawings you have made as a picture and then sends them in your device’s camera roll, and often it resizes file and lessens quality of the drawings.  However, some applications gives you choice to save it as a PDF file so that you can view it via PDF readers and even create a gallery for your drawings. Such applications are Paper and Sketchbook Ink.

If you use these applications, there would be no need for you to convert them to PDF since you can save them already as PDF files. You can also immediately send it out to friends or colleagues as a high resolution file so they can see your work.


So how do you make your sketchbook as a PDF file?

  • Install an application on your iPad or iPhone that will allow you to save your drawings or sketches as a PDF file.


  •   When installation of app is complete, you can start to draw and explore the said app.
  •   When you are finished with your sketch, save it as a PDF file.
  •   You can now open your drawing via a PDF reader application as a PDF file.


You can also synchronize the drawings you did on your iPad to your iPhone.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can harmonize PDF files on your devices:

  •  Open your iTunes.
  •  Then add the PDF files that you want to synchronize on your iTunes library by clicking File and then click add file to library under drop down menu.
  •   When you have finished adding files, you can now connect your iPhone to iTunes by using USB cable.
  • When your iPhone is revealed on devices of iTunes, click on it.
  •   On next screen, you will be able to see tabs, search for Books tab and click on it.
  •   Make sure that Sync Books check box is checked so that PDF files will be synced. You can choose whether to sync selected files or all PDF files on your iPad. You can do so by marking the corresponding choice.
  •  Once you are finished selecting PDF files to be synced, click on the Sync button to start synchronization. This process will last for a few minutes. When the sync is complete, you can now remove your iPhone.