Create PDF (Portable Document Format) Articles

The Portable Document Format or PDF is a brainchild of the Adobe Systems which appeals to many users because of its rich format, the ease of sharing, and the accessibility it provides to users even when offline. This also protects information because it provides security options that would hinder the alteration of the file. It is akin to the process of printing out regular documents, only, done electronically through PDF writers that will facilitate easier and faster communication of information and a noticeable increase in work efficiency. There are a myriad of ways by which a PDF file is created. Let us explore some of the more common ways.

For instance, have you ever researched for a copy of a local legislation and got directed to a site offering a PDF file thereof? You would notice that such file available for easy download is a scanned copy of the actual document. How this is made possible? A PDF is created by taking a digital snapshot of the actual document. Instead of opting for the printer, you may choose to go paperless and convert it to a downloadable PDF file instead. Just open your preferred PDF writer driver and save the scanned copy as a PDF file. This would give the user the exact look of the physical document, as well as the accurate information provided therein.

If you would like to create a PDF file out of your Microsoft Word document, you can easily do so. For example, when creating a PDF file through Word 2007, all you have to do is go to the Office Button typically found on the upper left part of the screen. Select Save As where you will see various options and file formats to choose from. Select PDF or XPS which will allow you to publish and share the data you have entered in Microsoft Word accurately. Enter your preferred file name and choose the appropriate Optimization setting. You can choose the format ideal for publishing and printing or minimum for online publishing only. Just click save and you would have a PDF file created instantly. The same process applies to Excel spreadsheets which you might like to accurately share to the board of directors for a presentation or to the OneNote entries you’d like to send to your classmates.

You can also create PDF files from your photo albums. There are many tools online which you can download for free. These applications, with the help of your photo viewer, can create PDF files of those treasured and captured memories. An example of such tool is the novaPDF. Using Windows Explorer, select the picture of our choice and click Print in the file options. In lieu of your printer, select the installed novaPDF and hit the Print button to open the Save PDF File As dialog box. Choose the file path and hit OK.

These are only a few of the many ways you can create a PDF file. Explore and find another ways!