Best PDF Viewer for iPhones

Finally got your ever-wanted iPhone? That doesn’t just end there. You have to install a few apps to prove that your iPhone is worth buying. Also, these apps are important for the better performance of your phone. One of the most used apps of the iPhone is the PDF reader. A PDF Reader is used for viewing and reading PDF files like eBooks, an eBook can be a novel or a lecture note. Also, this software is used to store and save important files that people can’t risk to put on a flash drive and it is also made for the convenience of people that wants a hassle free reading and for people that are too busy to carry heavy books. An iPhone with a PDF Reader and files can carry lots of books at one phone, it is a big convenience especially for students and bookworms. To get a best PDF reading experience, you have also to download the best PDF Reader. Many PDF Readers are offered in the web today, but just few of them are labeled as best and got high good number of reviews.

         Here are some of them:

  • DROPBOX – This PDF Reader has a free version available in iTunes App Store. Once you download this app, you are prompted to also sign-up to their website.  With this software you can view and save videos and pictures and it is also accessible to computers, iPad and also to the Dropbox website.
  •   AJI READER – This software is downloadable through the internet. It is password protected for the safety of your files and also for privacy purposes. Also, it has high zoom levels and can also do full-screen reading; you can also bookmark the pages where you stopped reading. It is a high-resolution viewer and can also copy/paste files on your clipboard.
  •  GOOD READER –With its 23.72 mb file size, you’ll never go wrong with this software because an app with small file size doesn’t take a long time to load. It can also view files in different formats like JPEG, TXT, PNG, EXCEL and WORD. One of the special features of this app is that it has European characters for better results of your files.
  •  iBOOKS – This software has surprising 15.16 mb file size. With the help of this software, you can increase your documents’ font sizes and it is also hassle-free because it has no special requirements.
  •  PDF READER PRO – This software is one of a kind because you can download it directly on your iPhone’s Safari Browser. Also, you can organize your PDF files in folders  it also never crashes. You can also convert other types of files into PDF and even attach pictures to your PDF documents you can jump into a certain page and bookmark it. PDF Reader Pro is a good storage of documents. Thus, it is not just your ordinary document reader, you can even create and edit with this. It is a universal app that lets you get two versions at the same software.