Convert PDF Text into Audio Speech

It is proven that PDF files are best around working environments. Reports and presentations are made easy through the use PDF file formats. It’s a very flexible file format that allows anyone and just everyone to turn anything into a PDF file. You can add any kind of element into it, may it be video [...]

Best PDF Viewer for iPhones

Finally got your ever-wanted iPhone? That doesn’t just end there. You have to install a few apps to prove that your iPhone is worth buying. Also, these apps are important for the better performance of your phone. One of the most used apps of the iPhone is the PDF reader. A PDF Reader is used [...]

Introduction to PDF to AutoCad Converter

As we all know, there is nothing impossible to Portable Document Files these days. From the audio, images, videos, other features and elements, PDF can be converted into different kinds of file formats, no one would even dare to ask what else do PDF files do not have. Actually, there are a lot of things [...]

Insert PDF as hyperlinks in CMS (Content Management System) blogs

It sure is fun to run your very own blog. You can write and post about random stuff that interest you or you can create your blog according to a category, for example, beauty and fashion blogs or techie and computer related blogs. The great thing about following blogs is you get an unedited version [...]

Entrench PDF documents in a blog

Working with a Portable Document Format or most preferably called PDF can really be interesting. The moment you understand how it rolls, you’ll find yourself wanting to share these particular file formats. PDF files are known today as a standard file type used around file sharing or Electronic Data Interchange. This is because PDF file [...]

Create PDF (Portable Document Format) Articles

The Portable Document Format or PDF is a brainchild of the Adobe Systems which appeals to many users because of its rich format, the ease of sharing, and the accessibility it provides to users even when offline. This also protects information because it provides security options that would hinder the alteration of the file. It [...]

Export Multiple PDF Sketchbooks to iPads

  An iPad or iPhone can be a tool used to connect with friends and family. You can also use it for business. Some students use it for studying. But it can also be a toy for the users. The Apple AppStore has a huge number of fun and useful applications that can be downloaded, [...]

How can you remove password security of PDF?

One known feature that PDF files are equipped is its strict security. Yes, many users enjoy this feature because it prevents content thieves or leakers to access and make use of your work. But on the contrary, some find the restrictions troublesome since it can limit your work. This is because the strict restrictions present [...]

What is The Benefit of PDF Files over Digital File Formats?

It’s most probable that you have come across a variety of file formats while browsing the internet.It is quite common for the general majority to use Microsoft Office tools for creating and sharing documents.  But do these people know something about using PDF’s? It is undeniable that some computer starters may not be aware of [...]

How to Extract Data from PDF with Same Text, Graphics etc?

You have a number of options to convert PDF into several images obtainable online. But there may be some quality issues while transforming PDF into images on internet on a large scale.Using Windows PDF to Image Converter, you can create multifarious images with high quality and extreme resolution in bulk. You can also cut additional [...]